Price List

Please check prices below for various treatments available. Most treatments are available in 60min, 90min or 120min blocks

Swedish Massage60min£45.00
Swedish Massage90min£60.00
Swedish Massage120min£75.00
Swedish Massage with Fire Cupping60min£55.00
Swedish Massage with Fire Cupping90min£70.00
Swedish Massage with Fire Cupping120min£85.00
Deep Tissue Massage60min£50.00
Deep Tissue Massage90min£65.00
Deep Tissue Massage120min£80.00
Deep Tissue Massage with Fire Cupping60min£60.00
Deep Tissue Massage with Fire Cupping90min£75.00
Deep Tissue Massage with Fire Cupping120min£90.00
Hot Stone Massage60min£55.00
Hot Stone Massage90min£70.00
Hot Stone Massage120min£85.00
Aromatherapy Massage60min£55.00
Aromatherapy Massage90min£70.00
Aromatherapy Massage120min£85.00
Reflexology (hands, forearms, feet & lower legs)60min£45.00
4 Hand Massage60min£90.00
Couple's Massage60min£90.00