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Relaxing, Comfortable, Pleasant Vibe

I really enjoyed my 90 minute Swedish massage with Louise! The room was warm and relaxing, as was Louise… she was also very attentive to making sure I was comfortable got the right massage I was hoping for. The fact the hours are available later at night means I got to go home and relax, not just get back to my day, this is a bonus! I left feeling relaxed, recharged and looking forward to the next one. 🙂 I highly recommend the 90 minutes as opposed to 60 minute as it is just that bit extra to work out the deep tension and stress x

Robin Triskele

Best relaxation ever!

Was greeted straight away and made comfortable, Was in the massage room within 5 minutes, the place was nicely set out and felt relaxed straight away, The massage was really nice and relaxing, And the hour passed by really quickly, I would definitely go for longer next time, Thanks

Joshua meredith

Relaxing experience

The establishment was very clean and welcoming, Louise greeted me as I entered. The room was warm and lit by candles creating a very relaxed and comfortable feel with music playing, just a bit too loud for my taste. Louise was veryrofessional in the way she performed the massage, ensuring I was happy as she progressed.
The massage totally relaxed me and the time just flew by. At the end of my appointment I was totally relaxed in both mind and body, probably one of the best massages I have recieved. I will be booking another appointment in the new year.
Once again thank you Louise for a very pleasent experience.

Paul Lawrence

I could stay there all day!

Although this was my first massage with Louise, I took up her special offer on the 120 minutes Swedish massage. Before I went I was a little apprehensive, it was a long booking for someone new… what if I got bored, or she ran out of things to massage ?
Well, the massage was amazing, she was professional throughout, and worked at a speed to make sure everything was covered in the timeslot. We also at times had some interesting conversation, at other times I didn’t speak and just … well… almost fell asleep. When the 2 hours was up, I was completely relaxed, all the areas had been covered, but I must say there was one small problem……. i didn’t want it to be over. I thought 2 hours would be a very long time, but I reckon I could easily have longer.. in fact, if money wasn’t an issue, I could stay there all day !!

Tom Bell

Totally amazing experience.

I had my first session at Serene Ambience late March 2017 after seeing an advert for discounted 2hr massages. I love massage and hadn’t encountered such a long session before and although I wondered if it would get too repetitive, I went ahead and booked.
Place was easy to find and there’s no problem parking. Being open till late evening and on Sundays is a bonus for those that have full time jobs and can’t get away during the day.
The office was clean and the massage room was warm, comfortable, gentle background music playing, low lighting and scented candles, all you need to be totally relaxed.
There was only a short period after arrival before I was actually on the massage table, no time wasted hanging around.
Louise is a professional masseuse that’s for sure. She was warm, chatty, mainly because I wouldn’t shut up, attentive, made sure I was comfortable at all times and spent the whole 2 hours working from head to toe making me feel 100% relaxed, which is what a good massage should do. Have to say, I didn’t want it to end. In fact, if she ever increases the 2 hours, I’d be up for that as it’s such a relaxing experience.
Going to thoroughly recommend this place and I’ve already made my next booking.

Steve Marshall

cupping for torn shoulder muscle

On my second visit with Louise we decided to try the Cupping method for my shoulder muscle i pulled during a yogic leg stretch in Bali- (which i,ve learned just isn’t worth it anymore, if i,m not flexible at 46 , i,m not flexible..it,s fine x) anyway by doing nothing , yes it will heal but recently got triggered because i started a new health club so as i like to swim i wanted to see if it could be fixed as there is a slight pain . The shoulder the next morning is healed..not totally as i,m not going to test its strength yet but the pain has disappeared so a healing process has taken over .I must recommend this method for aches and pains especially back issues..and can be adapted from light to strong with the technique . Louise has a very holistic approach, is a very good swimmer which i admire because it gives her inner strength for massage and energy work. The oils are expensive and i noticed she is generous with the application as the aromatherapy is essential for the healing process as our muscles deserve from time to time.

James Thompson


I’ve just had my first treatment with Louise. I’m seeing the world from a different place, I’m so relaxed and unwound. I know that the world will quickly stress me all over again but now I’ve got Louise to fix me back up, I can confidently deal with it all. Thank you. Gary


16 November Holistic Heaven

This was my first visit to Louise at Serene Ambience and I was not disappointed. The room was nicely set up, Louise was polite and friendly throughout and the massage was excellent. I look forward to visiting again.


22nd December 2017 “Thank you”

With a lot of stress both at work and home I decided to treat myself and have some “me time” where I could relax and have a soothing massage and for a while forget.
When I read about Serene Ambience I knew instantly I had found what I was after and decided to make contact and book.
Louise greeted me in a friendly warm way and immediately put me at ease.
As the massage progressed I could feel my stress leave and my body and mind were feeling so good at times I could feel myself drifting off. The times when we chatted enhanced the whole massage experience.
Her attention to my comfort and well being was second to none and during the two hours her focus was solely on my body and mind.
Will I return? Yes, I will and cannot recommend her enough.

Alan Smith

Best massage I’ve had 12/04/18

Louise gave me a 1 hour massage which I can honestly say was the best I’ve ever had. I was so incredibly relaxed, the room was nice and cosy and the lighting perfect. Accompanied by soft music, the room was very therapeutic and I instantly forgot where I was. Louise was warm and welcoming, and very attentive checking what pressure I liked and what I wanted to achieve from the massage. She was able to find the areas of tension in my back and neck and worked this with just the right pressure. I will definitely be back again! Thank you Louise!

Emma Oldham

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